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Nick Ritar
Managing Director & Educator
Sydney, Australia

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Robert Pekin

Founder & CiEiO | Food Connect

Brisbane, Australia

"Putting the Culture back into Agriculture"

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About me & my work:

Born and bred on a dairy farm in Western Victoria, later to return to continue the family farm after a 10 year stint as an aircraft maintenance engineer, marine service proprietor, contract musterer, builders labourer, truck driver, mechanic and hydraulics technician.

Since returning to farming my life has been committed to putting agriculture on a pathway out of the malaise of industrial agriculture to something that dignifies life and respects the landscape. My work in setting up Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and variations of over the past 16 years has been fruitful in that quest.

My work is focused on scaling up a this distributed and highly networked food system (called the New Creative Food Economies) by collaborating with many thousands of farmers and social entrepreneurs.

Co-founded the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, the Australian Food Hubs Network and Slow Money.

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Food Connect Foundation

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